Wk 15- Artist Conversation- Nancy Young

  • Artist: Nancy Young
  • Exhibition: As The Crow Flies
  • Media: Ink through Relief Printing
  • Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery
  • Website: None
  • Instagram: None

About the Artist

For this week’s artist conversation we had the privilege to interview Nancy Young. Young is a student here at California State University, Long Beach, and she is going to graduate this year. She is going to graduate with a BFA in printmaking. This is actually her second time she attended CSULB. Young was a student here in 1984, but her grades and other problems prevented her from graduating. Young also stated that she is not into art for financial reasons since she already has a job as a programmer.

Formal Analysis

This art exhibition is named “As the Crow Flies.” Young named it that because she has traveled throughout southern California for art purposes. For example, she had to travel for classes, workshops, or other art related activities. The art presented today was made out of different types of textures. One interesting piece of art was the star in the middle of the room. It was unique because it was made out of sand unlike the other pieces, which were mostly on canvas. Young mostly used grays, silvers, and white in her pieces. Young also made her work have a birds eye point of view, and it showed places from CSULB to her home.

Content Analysis

Young told us that life can be harsh; however, all the hard parts of life will make us stronger. Young said that she one of her goals was to graduate California State University, Long Beach. As previously stated, she failed at that once, but she is about to accomplish that goal this semester, which is something that makes her proud. She also stated that she is happy that she was able to have a second chance to obtain her art degree.


Overall, this artist conversation was really interesting. I really admired the fact that she did not give up her goal of getting her art degree from California State University. Young had many obstacles in her way, yet she was able to overcome them. That is really awesome, and it is a good story of overcoming ones problems. Overall, this was a nice ending to Art 110.



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