Wk 13- Art Experience-Art Care Package


For this week’s art experience, we had to do an art care package. We had to write our names on a piece of paper, and then we put them into a hat. Afterwards, we all took a name out of the hat, and we had a partner to send the package to. Making the package was similar to a snap because it is also created to capture a moment. The only difference is that the message is physical, and the amount of time it takes for a person to receive the message. I think that ephemera is cool because it gives memories value since we can never truly re-live a moment. Things like old movie tickets allow us to remember a memory, and in a way they are a symbol of the event. I also believe that this type of art is different than art seen at a museum because this art belongs to only one person. Unlike museum art, this type of art is going to be for somebody to hold or throw away. I also think that Snapchat is a more convenient way to message someone, but ACPs deliver better messages since they will not be deleted in less than 10 seconds. And yes, it also allows people to put “love” into the package because the content can be something that means a lot to the person who is going to receive it  it or make it.


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