Wk 12- Classmate Conversation- John Stouras


For this week’s artist conversation I had the privilege of interviewing John Stouras. I have never met him before, so it was cool to meet another new classmate. After talking to him, I learned many cool things about him. For one, he is a freshman here at California State University, Long Beach. This semester he is taking seventeen units this semester, which is one more than I am taking. He is also a film major here. I thought that was cool because I like to watch a lot of movies, and I even considered majoring in that when I was in high school. He is from Santa Cruz, which is up by the bay area. As a result, he is dorming here, and he said that it was cool. So far he thinks that Long Beach is “dope”, which is good to hear. Some of his hobbies include basketball, bass, poker, and football. His favorite sport teams are the Warriors (basketball), Jets (football), San Jose Sharks (hockey), and the Giants (baseball). In the end you guys should get to know him, and he is a cool dude to talk to.


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