Wk 12- Artist Conversation- Jennifer Chen

  • Artist: Jennifer Chen
  • Exhibition: Succession
  • Media: Printmaking
  • Gallery: Gatov Gallery West
  • Website: none
  • Instagram: none

About the Artist

For this week’s artist conversation, we were able to meet Jennifer Chen. She is a student here at California State University, Long Beach. She is studying printmaking here, and she going to graduate this semester. Originally, Chen focused in biology, and she even got a degree in it. However, she decided that she wanted to study other interests. After she graduates, she wants to teach a course in printmaking along with another student.

Formal Analysis

Chen’s art is really interesting and diverse. Some of her work is made out of images from the internet; however, she then adds some of her own personality into the art to show her style. Her art also varies when it comes to size. She stated that the size of her art is important because she wants people to pay attention to the details in the paintings. As a result, the bigger paintings equals more detail, which means that she want the audience to pay attention to the piece. On top of that, her art also takes a while to make because she has to let some pieces dry before she can work with them again.

Content Analysis

Chen’s art has to do with the relationship between humans and nature. She is showing how humans are taking over nature due to our greed. This is shown by her emphasis on the trees and shrubs in her paintings. She also stated that her art has to do with destruction, and how nature deals with it.


In the end, Chen’s painting were really interesting to look at. Once again the artist that we had to interview had some really cool work. I personally like how Chen manages to get images and add her own art to it. It gives the paintings some sort of togetherness, so it was nice. At the same time, her paintings were different than any other types of painting that I have seen. By that I mean that if I were to walk down the street and see her painting, the would immediately stand out. Overall, Chen’s work was really interesting to see, and I hope that she continues her work.



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