Wk 12- Art Experience- Location Based Gaming

For this weeks art experience we had to find do some geocaching. Geocaching is when someone hides some thing and then hides it somewhere. Then, they upload the GPS coordinates, and we have to go look for them. I began by downloading the app. After finding one on campus, I got together with some other students in our class, and we went to go look for it together. The item was hidden across the street from campus. It was next to the wall in the picture above. This one gave us some clues, but it was still a little difficult to find. Lucky for us, there was some clues to help us find it. The item was a black bottle, and it had a piece of paper inside of it to sign. In the end, it was near a tree, which was really difficult to find. We had to actually hop a rail thing and go inside the bushes in order to find it. After finding it, I got to sign it and put it back. A lot of us found the item, so it felt cool how we all cooperated together to find it. Finding it was actually really awesome, and it was more fun than I anticipated. I would like to try it one day.


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