Wk 11- Art Experience- Turning Pages

For this week’s art experience we had to visit the library and the bookstore. We did this to with a student named Marta. She is visiting California State University, Long Beach, and we had the chance to spend some time on campus with her. We began the day by doing the usual meet up at the art galleries. However, this time we went to the library instead of talking to artist. Once we got there, we headed up the stairs into the second floor of the library. We went to the children section to get some over sized books. We then had to go downstairs by the waiting area near the computers. This part was awesome because we got to read books that we read when we were in elementary school. It was also fun to read easy books because usually the only books we read now are novels or textbooks. However, it was weird that we almost got in trouble for reading at the library. That is because the place that were reading in was not for reading. It was still weird to have a rule that prohibits reading in a library, but after some explaining by Glenn it made sense. After leaving the library, we went to the bookstore. The bookstore was interesting to visit because I never really noticed that the books are all the way in the back. It is kind of funny how the bookstore advertises a lot of different merchandise, but the book seem to be hidden from the public all the way in the back. I saw other students buying stuff like clothes or planners instead of actual books. Now that I think about it, I have never gotten any type of book apart from required textbooks from the bookstore. That is interesting because it seems like physical books losing popularity. This year was the first year that I got some e-books instead of getting the actual textbook, so I guess sort of explains why the book section of the store is in the back. Overall this was a interesting thing to do, and it left me with questions about the future of books.


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