Wk 10- Artist Conversation- Helen Werner Cox

  •  Artist: Helen Werner Cox
  • Exhibition: Silent Screams
  • Media: Oil paintings, pastels, monoprints, and water based materials
  • Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
  • Website: http://www.helenwernercox.com
  • Instagram: None

About the Artist

For this week’s artist conversation we had the pleasure of meeting Helen Werner Cox. She is a student here at CSULB, and she is getting her Masters in Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting. Cox is from Ithaca, New York, but she moved here when she was 18. She stated that she did not like the East Coast because of the rain and snow. During her spare time, she likes to read books and garden. Her favorite genre to read is fiction. One intersting thing atbout Cox is that she likes to carry a book around with her just in case she gets an idea. This way she is able to sketch her ideas and return to them whenever she wants to.

Formal Analysis

Most of Cox’s art involves carousels and the animals that are involved with them. All of her varies in terms of size and color. Some of her paintings are as large as a person, yet other pieces are as small as a cooler. When it comes to color, there are very colorful paintings and some are black and white. All of her work was made out of pastel, so this created a unified feeling to them.

Content Analysis

Cox’s work is all about carousels. When we asked her about her choice of carousels, she said that she chose to do that because her life went around in circles. She said that carousels are a representation of life going in circles. The horses actually represent us humans. That is why the faces of the horses are either scared or frantic. They represent how an average person reacts to life. In order to get inspiration, she went to Griffith Park and Santa Monica Pier. While she was at Griffith Park, the owner introduced her to the lady in charge of the carousels. The lady allowed her to sketch the church, and one of the pieces displayed today is based on her experience there. Since her art is made of pastel, she stated that she is not likely to do them again.


Overall, I liked looking at Cox’s work. The work created here was very nicely done.Most of her art reminded me of my childhood because of the carousels. However, it also reminded me of my present if that makes sense. That is because the faces on the horses were not what I expected them to be. The horses were scared, so it reminded me of the present because I feel that many college students are scared. While not all of share the same fear, I believe most of us fear about our future, what to major in , or any other problem. But in the end, that is life. I feel like the horses show that because they keep going no matter  what. In the end this was a nice exhibition.





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