Wk 9- Classmate Conversation- William Luna


For this week’s classmate conversation, I had the opportunity to talk to William Luna. I met Luna back in high school when I joined his soccer team, but I did not really talk to him. Last year, I also had him in one of my classes, and I got to know him a little more. However after talking to him this week, I discovered a lot of new things about him. For one he prefers to go his last name “Luna”. He was born in Paramount. Some of his hobbies include playing soccer, going bowling, and watching movies. His favorite soccer teams are Chivas de Guadalajara and FC Barcelona. He works at a 3D printer business, which he helped start. He went to Lakewood High School, and graduated with honors. He also played in their varsity soccer team, and he was even part of the All-Moore League 1st team. Last year, he also played for the LBCC soccer team as a central defensive midfielder. Here at CSULB, he is a Mechanical Engineer major. After getting his degree, he want to work for an aerospace company to make private jets. Overall, Luna is a very funny guy to talk too, and a great friend. (Luna is the one on the left)


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