Wk 9- Artist Conversation- Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig

  • Artist: Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig
  • Exhibition: All Work All Play
  • Media: Metals (copper/silver)
  • Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery
  • Website: None
  • Instagram: None

About the Artist

For this week’s artist conversation we had the opportunity to meet with Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig. She is a fifth year student here at CSULB, and she is in the Fine Arts program. Her specialty is working with metals, and she is going to graduate this semester. Originally she was into poetry; however, after she attended SOAR, she decided to change her major into art. She is from Los Angles, but has lived in Long Beach since she started attending CSULB. She even dormed here during her first two years. She enjoys playing Halo with her boyfriend, cooking, and eating during her spare time. She has two older brothers.

Formal Analysis

All of her art displayed today was made from metal. They were also all different shapes and sizes. Some were as small as a phone, while other were about the size of a child’s torso. All of her sculptures were either silver or copper colored. Most of her pieces were also wearable. For example, there was necklaces and wrist jewelery. The pieces also included bowls of art. These had flower designs to them.

Content Analysis

Most of the sculptures were made from silver, but some were made of copper. Cabanig stated that she enjoys working with silver because it is easy to melt. However, she also stated that working with silver is extremely hard, and it takes plenty of focus to do it correctly. All of Cabanig’s work is unique to what she was feeling during the time she was making it. She also said that her work is very experimental, and she never does anything that she does not like.  In order to get inspiration, she wants to go travel around the world, and see other artist’s work.


In the end, I enjoyed looking at Cabanig’s work. All of her sculptures in the gallery were unique and interesting to look at. This was fun because it was not “boring” to look at. After seeing one sculpture, you can go look at another one that is completely different. However, they were all very well done in my opinion. Her work is also very impressive because they were made out of metal, which I think is extremely hard. Overall, I really enjoyed looking at her work, and I hope that she continues to make good art.




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