King Julian

I am King Julian. I was a king in my home planet before I was forced to move to Moonbase Alpha. I had to leave because the people wanted to have a democracy, but I did not want to lose my king status. After some disagreements, some citizens attacked my castle and killed my family. I managed to escape, so I had to make a new home. I tried to go to other planets, but nobody wanted to accept me. After drifting in space for a week, I found this planet, and I have started a new life. I was able to take some of my fortune with me, so I was able to buy a house in a decent neighborhood. However in order to live here, I had to make a new identity. Therefore, I now go by the name Julian. I keep a low profile in this new planet, and do not let others know about my past. I work at a local fast food restaurant as a part-time manager. I am good at that job because it I have previous experience leading people.  Hopefully, I will be able to return to my home planet one day. Until then, I am just going to keep living here.

Lord Disik:

Stefan Grippin:





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