Wk 8- Artist Conversation- Hilario Saucedo


For this week’s artist conversation, I interviewed Hilario Saucedo. He goes by the nickname “Lalo”, and he is a student here at CSULB. Lalo is nineteen years old, but he is going to turn twenty in April. During his spare time, he enjoys playing baseball, basketball, watching movies, and working out. In high school, Lalo played varsity baseball all four years, which is pretty cool. He went to Paramount High School by the way. His favorite sports teams are the New York Yankees and the Cleveland Cavaliers. His favorite movie genre is action. He also works at Little Caesars. Another cool thing was that he was Criminal Justice major. I am also a Criminal Justice major, so maybe we will have another class together some day. Lalo also drives a 2013 Dodge Challenger. Lalo’s goals is to get buff, and move out. Overall, Lalo is a cool friend to have, and he is a fun guy to talk to.


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