Wk 7- Artist Conversation- Enrique Vega


For this week’s artist conversation I talked to Luis Enrique Vega. He goes by the nickname “Kike” or Enrique because he does not like his full name. Kike went to Bellflower high school all four years, and he graduated last year. He is freshman here, and he is currently undeclared.He also lives in Bellflower so, he has to commute here. During his spare time, Kike likes to hang out with his family, play FIFA, play soccer, or watch soccer. In fact, he won CIF in his senior year at Bellflower. Winning CIF was a big deal, and he claims it is one of his biggest accomplishments so far. He also works at a movie theater in Downey. He likes working at the movie theater, and enjoys movies. Since he is currently undeclared, he is thinking about majoring in film. Kike enjoys editing stuff, and he is talented at doing it. One of his goals this year is to save money and travel to different countries. He chose to enroll at CSULB because it was local. Overall, Kike is a cool person to hang out with. 20160303_191350539_iOS


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