Wk 7- Art Experience- Video Production

For this week’s art experience we had to do a video, so I got together with some friends during class to plan it out. We decided to do it on something that many college students deal with. While we were discussing which topic to do, we noticed that one of us was stressing out about the project. After noticing this, we realized that this dude was always stressing. We told him to “stop stressing”, but then we also realized that many other college students deal with stress. That is when we decided to do #StopStressing2k16 in order to get more people to stop stressing. The video shows how a friend can help another friend out when he is stressing out due to midterms.We know that it is impossible to completely get rid of stress, but that does not mean that we should just let it get to us. If we all take a moment to relax, it can help us get through the day. Overall, this was a fun video to do.


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