Wk 5- Classmate Conversation- Alfonso Madrigal

20160218_185842118_iOSFor this week’s classmate conversation I interviewed Alfonso Madrigal. He goes by the name “Poncho”, and he is a sophomore at CSULB.  He currently resides in Compton, but he grew up in Paramount. He is a Communications major here, but he originally was a Business major. He is also a member of the ZBT fraternity. He is taking twelve units this semester. Alfonso has an older sister along with two younger brothers. During his spare time, he likes to play soccer. He has been playing soccer since he was a little kid. When he attended Paramount High, he managed to win a CIF ring in soccer. He transferred to Lakewood High for his senior year and played varsity soccer there as well.  He is even a soccer referee for the California Soccer League, and he has been officiating games for about a year now. Some of his other hobbies include partying, hanging out with friends, playing Uno, and working out.  As for food, he likes to eat candy, Tierra Mia and street tacos from Compton. Overall, he is a cool dude to hang out with. (Poncho is the one in the middle)


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