Wk 5- Art Experience- Cuisine, Couture or Coiffure

For this week’s art experience, I chose to do the cuisine option. I chose that option because I love food, so I thought that it would be fun to do art with it. Although some people might not consider candy to be food, I do. As a result,  I chose to use two of my favorite candies, which are Skittles and Gummy Bears. Since both candies are colorful, it reminded me of summer time. This lead me to think of the beach background. Then, the idea came to me. I wanted to make a pool with Gummy Bears as the “people” and Skittles as the “water”. I thought it would be cool to make the Skittles resemble water. The Gummy Bears would then be “tourists” on a beach swimming in a pool made out of Skittles. Since it might be too hard to see what that the Skittles resemble water, I decided to put on Gummy Bear on a knife to make it seem like a diving board. I also had to only use orange and yellow Skittles for the water in order to make it more cohesive. I also decided to use red and green Gummy Bears to make them stand out more. Overall, this was a fun project to do. It allowed me to work with food, which is always fun. In the end, I was even able to eat this project, and that is not something that you can do with every project.


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