Wk 5- Artist Conversation- Kristi Jensen

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  • Artist: Kristi Jensen
  • Exhibition: Fuse: Join to Create A Single Entity
  • Media: Silver, Copper, Steel
  • Gallery: Gatov-East
  • Website: none
  • Instagram: whipperton

About the Artist

This week’s artist is Kristi Jensen. She is going to graduate from CSULB this upcoming fall with a BFA in Metal and Jewelry. She likes to work with metals because it is easier to work with them. She has been working with metal for two years now. She stated that it takes her approximately three weeks to complete a project. Jensen’s motivation for making art is the process that it requires, so she does not have a particular message behind her pieces. Jensen stated that during her free time she enjoys to drink red wine, read, cook, spend time with her dogs and husband, and watch the Walking Dead.

Formal Analysis

All of Jensen’s work is made out of metal. In this case, they are made out of silver, steel, and copper. Jensen explained that she works with copper more than silver because it is cheaper; however, she mentioned that working with silver is better because its easier to manipulate. When she begins to make a project, she starts by sketching it out on paper. Then, she makes it out of paper. After the paper, she adds the metal to give it its final form. Jensen stated that most of her art are co-linear with sweeping lines. Most of her art displayed today had a smooth texture to it. Along with that, she mostly used blue, lime-green, and orange. In fact, her favorite piece today is the blue and green necklace. Jensen mentioned that the size of her art does not matter to her.

Content Analysis

Jensen started working with metal because of how fun it was for her. She enjoys the process and work that comes when working with metals. Jensen also stated that she likes working with metal because it can be melted down to be used for something new. Her art also tends to vary because she uses different techniques whenever she can. After learning a new technique, she uses it on new projects, which results in plenty of variation with her work. Jensen stated that she only wears some of her jewelry. Her inspiration for working with metals came from watching her grandfather work on T.V.s.


Overall, I enjoyed looking Jensen’s pieces. I like how her art looks complicated, yet the process of making it is actually simple. When I say simple I mean simple, not easy! For example, she stated that all she has to do to create her art is to melt the metal, then just shape it into whatever shape she wants her piece to be. I also enjoy how she makes her art just for the purpose of making art. I think that it is cool when somone just does art for fun instead of sharing a message. Or maybe her message is to have fun with art? I also liked the variation that came with her work. If I had not read the signs, I would have never guessed that the work was done by the same artist, which I think is awesome. In the end, I enjoyed Jensen’s art.


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