Wk 4- Classmate Conversation- Tyler Kedis

20160211_193256909_iOSFor this week’s classmate conversation, I interviewed Tyler Kedis. His website is tylerkedis.wordpress.com and his Instagram is tyler_kedis. I did not know Tyler that well before today. Tyler is majoring in Bio Chemistry, and he is taking fifteen units this semester. He told me that he is planning on becoming a pharmacist after graduating. I learned that he is from Long Beach, and he lives in Long Beach as well. He went to Lakewood High School, which is in Long Beach. I also learned that his favorite color is blue. Some of Tyler’s hobbies include snowboarding, going to the beach, and playing video games. Tyler’s favorite video games are Madden football games or any hockey video game. Speaking of sports, Tyler roots for the LA Kings, the Minnesota Vikings, and the Yankees. Tyler also enjoys eating sushi, since it is his favorite food as well. Tyler told me that he is enjoying this class so far. He stated that he likes this class because he gets to see new stuff every week. In the end, Tyler was an interesting person to interview.


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