Wk 3- Artist Conversation- Heather Jarrard

  • Artist: Heather Jarrard
  • Exhibition: Untitled #12
  • Media: Beans, macaroni, hot glue
  • Gallery: Dutzi Gallery
  • Website: Author does not have one.
  • Instagram: cobranoag

About the Artist

The artist is named Heather Jarrard. She has been working for seven years to get her degree in Art Education. Jarrard’s goal is to eventually become a single-subject art teacher for either a middle school or high school. Jarrard loves art, and she likes to spend her time learning how to become a teacher. When it comes to art, Jarrard likes to focus on 3D art as oppose to drawing or painting. Jarrard specifically likes to work with metal to make her art.

Formal Analysis

Today, Jarrard’s art display was named “Untitled #12”. It was a number of multiple sculptures that made different types of shapes. Some were taller than others, so the sculptures varied in size. However, all the sculptures were made up of macaroni and beans. Jarrard used hot glue to make the sculptures stick. All the sculptures had an organic shape. None had perfect lines, and all of them were made up of different color beans. There were yellow, green, red, white, and different shades of brown beans in the sculptures.

Content Analysis

According to Jarrard, this piece of art is about California’s art budget in schools. Underneath the sculptures, there was a note that stated that “the average state budget for art supplies in the classroom is $1.09”. However, in California, the average budget is only 24 cents. Jarrard also stated that California has the second lowest budget in art education. As a result, teachers have to be more creative when it comes to their budget. I think that Jarrard chose to do this work because she wants to become an art teacher. This is a way to show her concern over California’s low art budget for school. By using inexpensive items such as beans and macaroni, Jarrard is showing us how artist have to adapt to their surroundings.


In the end, Jarrard’s art impressed me. While I liked the sculptures she made, I liked the her reason for making them more. I know that sounds weird, but I feel that it was a clever way for her to raise awareness about the state’s art budget crisis. That is not to say that the art itself was bad, I just liked her inspiration more. I did not know that our art budget was really low compared to other states. I believe that we should try to change that because art is important to our culture. I know that some people might think art is not as important as other subjects, but it still deserves more money. There are students that want to pursue a career in art, so I think that the state should give them the budget they need for their education. Art is important for our society, and I believe that Jarrard’s art shows us that art is beautiful.



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