Wk 3- Art Experience- Snapchat

This week we had to use Snapchat to create art, which was really cool. Snapchat is something most people use everyday, so it was fun to use it for an assignment. As you can see, there were multiple students that used the painting of the women for our Snap assignment. However, as you can also see, the three drawings that I chose were all different. This was nice because it showed me the perspective of other students on the same painting. For example, I just outlined the lines in my drawing. However, another classmate did a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle drawing for his assignment, which was awesome. The other classmate did something similar to me. He outlined her like me, but he chose to use one color. For my other snap, I added three other people in the painting to make it seem fun. I also outlined some lines for this drawing. The reason I chose to outline and draw people in the painting was to make the painting less serious. The painting was kind of monochromatic, so I wanted to add bright colors to contrast the tone. In the end, this assignment was fun to do because it showed me how diverse art can be.


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