Wk 2- Art Experience- Plaster Casting

This project was chaotic, but in a fun way! To begin with, I did not have a chance to do this project with the rest of the class on Thursday, so I had to do it during the weekend. However, I worked all day Saturday, which resulted in me postponing it. I planned to do it after work on Sunday morning. Unfortunately for me, it started to rain when I was leaving work. As a result, I had to go to Michael’s to buy the sand and plaster to do my project at home. I also ended up short on the amount of sand I needed, so I had to curl my hand up. I used my bathtub to do the project in order to prevent sand from getting everywhere. Since the sand was dry, I also had to place my hand underneath the tap, so that the sand could get wet. Making the plaster was also cool! I was worried that I would end up messing up the plaster,but fortunately I was able to make it right. As you can see, the final result ended up looking weird. While it looked weird, I actually ended up liking the final casting. I know that it does not look like a perfect hand, yet I find the amateur look of the hand to be awesome. I still have plenty of plaster left over, so maybe one day I will attempt to do this again.


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